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Free-Motion Quilting Tool at work

The Supreme Slider's patented surface lets fabric slide and makes free-motion machine quilting easy! MORE INFO




Frequently asked questions

Any questions about our products or quilting? Send an e-mail, and Pat LaPierre, national award-winning quilter and teacher will send you a reply.

Will the Supreme Slider fit on my machine?

There is a Supreme Freemotion Slider to fit any sewing machine.

The ORIGINAL SUPREME SLIDER measures 8″ x 11.5″ and is perfect for most home sewing machines. It is easily trimmed with scissors if you want to adjust the size.

The NEW QUEEN SLIDER measures 11.5″ x 17″ and is especially sized for longarm machines. It is perfect for the new Bernina 8 series and Janome 6600. For smaller home machines that are set into a table, it completely covers all the surrounding cracks, giving you one large, smooth, snag-free work area for your quilting.

NEW EVEN LARGER KING SIZE HAS ARRIVED! This new 16-1/2″ x 22″ Supreme Slider is the perfect size for the very large bed machine with 11″ to 18″ quilting space. The pink sticky back lays flat with no tape or adhesives! Easy to place, easy to remove!

CUSTOM SIZES are available also. Just send us an email and let us know what size you need.
How do I clean my SUPREME SLIDER?

JUST USE A BABY WIPE to clean off the lint on the bottom pink side. You can also run it under warm water and let dry. After it is dry, just lay the SUPREME SLIDER back on the machine.

How do I attach the SUPREME SLIDER to my machine?

The white top of the SUPREME SLIDER lets your fabric slide around with no friction for easy quilting. The PINK BOTTOM of the slider is SELF-STICKING and grips your machine bed without messy tape or adhesives! Our patented special sticky bottom holds on without any problem!

DO NOT LET IT HANG. Make sure the Slider does not hang over the sides, where the weight of a quilt could lift it from the machine bed. If necessary, trim to fit your machine bed with scissors.

KEEP IT CLEAN. If your SLIDER moves and is not sticking, it is time to clean the slider with a baby wipe or run it under warm water to remove any lint or dirt. Simply let air dry, and replace on your machine.

Do the LITTLE MAGIC GENIE BOBBINS work with plastic bobbins?

Yes, just drop one into the case and place the bobbin on top.

Do the MAGIC GENIE BOBBINS work with prewound bobbins?

First, insert the MAGIC BOBBIN into the empty bobbin case. Remove ONE SIDE of the cardboard from the prewound bobbin and lay that side against the MAGIC BOBBIN.

Which side of the MAGIC GENIE BOBBIN is up?

Both sides are exactly the same. Just insert one into your bobbin case — and watch it do a great job of eliminating snags and snarls!


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